Saturday, April 26, 2014

Block of the month

We just want to say thank you for such an 
amazing turn out for our
Warehouse/Anniversary/Quilt Boutique sale!
It was so fun seeing everyone, 
we really do enjoy having everyone come to the warehouse!

And wasn't it fun having L2 in the cutting room?
P.S. she's L2 because I'm #1 (lol) and older :(
She's such a kick, she makes everything fun!
We just hope she will help us again in 
October or November for the next one.

"Believe" and "Harvest Time" 
blocks of the month are ready for sign ups
on the website:

"BELIEVE" block of the month

"HARVEST TIME"  block of the month
Harvest time wasn't quite finished for the picture 
(need stitching & quilting)
but we wanted you to get a head start so it could be
finished by the holiday! :)

Thanks again for your support, 
we couldn't do what we love without all of you!
Donna and Linda (L#1)

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  1. Thanks for having it ladies! I had a blast! Spent lots of $$. My hubby was no help at all, he kept telling me to buy things!!