Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Winner!

Thank you everyone for coming to our Warehouse sale!
It was a huge success plus a lot of fun.
As always its great to see so many familiar faces
from The Calico Horse days and all of our new
Friends we're meeting as My Red Door Designs!

We really have a great partnership, and after almost 2 years
we still like each other, we fight like sisters sometimes, but get over it faster than
we would if we were related (lol)  If we survived driving to Houston
and back with the husbands in the same car, yikes, we can get through anything!
It was quite an experience, we will never forget.  Its great to be home
seeing all the kidos again (14 days away from them was a little hard)

We had a drawing while in Houston for Quilt Festival
If you liked us on facebook or left a comment on our blog,
you were entered into our drawing to win a quilt kit!
We picked our winner yesterday at our warehouse sale.
And the winner is:
Susie Brown from Kansas City, Mo

Congratulations Susie!
Your kit is on it's way!!!
But....... we're not telling you what it is,
Since it's almost christmas, we thought a surprise would be fun.
Donna and Linda

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