Saturday, June 8, 2013


Pins?  No, not me, I'm not playing with them!
No matter where I hide
 them or think I've put them away, 
my little helper finds them. 
So now I'm teaching her how 
to pin my squares together, 
I think it will save me time!  
Or she's gonna get bored. 
I'm sure we're going to have a few stuck 
fingers and toes along the way,
but a girl just has to learn!  
P.S. She love's sizzors too! :[

Here are a few new things we've been working on
besides teaching and playing with the kidos:
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Little Black Cabin Kit

Checkerboard Stars Kit

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Yellow Brick Road Kit

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  1. A quilter in the making, just keep her away from the rotary cutter. Love the aqua Yellow Brick Road.

  2. I culd not find baby yellow brick road pattern.