Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its National Quilting Day........

Hello Friends,
Well, here it is,  a day just for us..... NATIONAL QUILTING DAY on Saturday, March 16!
For true blue quilters like us,  every day is quilting day but this gives us a reason to celebrate!

In honor of National Quilting Day we'll be giving away one of our favorite wool appliqué patterns, "Sunflowers" with each purchase starting today thru Saturday, March 16th. Here is a little hint,
it is a darling wool appliqué framed as picture but the sunflowers look so cute stitched into the
corners of a quilt to give it just a little something extra.


At My Red Door Designs we make a lot of quilts and many of 
them we make with that special person in mind 
who will receive it once it is finished. 
Let's have a give away to honor one of our many quilting 
friends on National Quilting Day. 
Enter to win a the quilt kit: Prairie Flowers

All you have to do to be entered for a chance to win this kit is leave a 
comment. What is the most special quilt you have ever given away?
Ok, we'll start.......

I love giving quilts to my grand babies but one quilt I gave away that really stands out is a cowgirl quilt that was a shop sample. We were raffling quilts for breast cancer and a little girl fell in love with the cowgirl quilt on display. She asked if it was part of the raffle and I said yes, even though it wasn't. She purchased tickets with her own money and when we held the drawing it was so fun to call and tell her she has "won" the cowgirl quilt. She was thrilled and so was I to make that little girl's day. Donna

I recently gave away one of my favorite quilts that had never been used, it sat folded in with others I love in a quilt cabinet. There was a fund raiser for the sheriff, Jeremiah Mackay, who lost his life in the line of duty last month and when I found out they were seeking donations it felt good to give something dear to me to help that young man's family. Linda

Ok, now is you turn, leave a comment about a special 
quilt you've given as a gift or other reason for a chance to 
win a Prairie Flowers quilt kit!



  1. I love making and giving baby quilt of all sizes from preemie size to toddler. Every quilt finds a home.

  2. I've donated many quilts during my 15 years of quilting. Baby quilts, comfort quilts, live and silent auction quilts for fundraisers , quilts for many family members and it has given me great pleasure to do so. It's what quilting is all about.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the Prairie Flowers kit, so very generous of you.

  3. I grew up being tucking in with quilts at my grandmother's. I remember graduating high school and being asked, " What do you want for a gift?"-- The answer - A quilt. Years rolled along, I held onto that quilt,my grandmother passed away. My mother never quilted. Once I had my little boy...I realized I had to learn how to quilt. It wasn't enough to just admire quilts from pictures. 25 years later, It is my passion. I still think the only think better that receive that first quilt as a gift -- is giving one. They speak louder that words and offer just as much comfort. I've made them to celebrate babies, mourn lost family, congratulate on graduation, Thank kindness of others, and soothe an illness. Simply said--- there's nothing like a quilt.

  4. My mother's youngest sister has always been our special aunt and has always been there for us even though she lives across the country. She happened to come for a visit about three years ago and saw one of my first quilts that I had made for my mother. She fell in love with it and couldn't stop talking about it! I decided to make her a quilt as a surprise and I used flannel for the backing to make it extra cozy. The quilt was sent to her and she said she screamed when she opened the box! She is in her 80s and is a diabetic and she says the quilt is just perfect for keeping her warm and it is used every day. It really makes you feel so good to give someone an unexpected gift and make them so happy!

  5. I'm such a newbie to the quilting world, that I've yet to give away a quilt, much less finish one. :) I'm sewing on the binding to two quilts. One will go to my eldest son, and the other to my mother-in-law. I love how you gave that cowgirl quilt to the little girl... she will never forget that moment, I'm sure! And so nice to donate another quilt for such a good cause. Thanks for a chance to win that awesome kit! I hope I'm lucky again. :) :) :)

  6. The first quilt I made was given to my youngest son, but the second quilt I made was given to my young two-year-old (at the time, she is 19 now) granddaughter. It was a Quilt in a Day pattern, and was special because I used fabric from a dress that her mother (my daughter) had given me. My granddaughter still has the quilt, and would never part with it. I'm hoping she'll be able to pass it on to her daughter someday.

  7. I made a quilt for a younger woman for her high school graduation. I wanted her to feel loved and appreciated as she left for school.

  8. I've made quilts for (almost) all my grandkids; two of them were baby quilts, and so they will get larger ones soon. I call them Grandma Hugs!! And I really enjoy making and donating Quilts of Valor to our servicemen and women. So many are humble and say they don't deserve them. We want to let them know how thankful we are for our freedom, which isn't free.

  9. I loved both of your stories, but I am a newbie quilter. I made two baby quilts last yr. from two kits, a pink/brown version and a blue/brown version as my niece was pregnant for the first time and didn't know what the baby's sex was.(she had a boy last fall). Then my oldest son's best friend and his wife just had a girl in Feb., so I was actually prepared ahead of time for a change!!
    Thanks for letting me enter.


  10. I made my mom an Elvis quilt around 5 yrs ago. A year later their home caught on fire and they lost everything. 2 years ago I made her another one. She was so happy to have Elvis wrapped around her again. Since then I have had 2 grand daughters whom I love making quilts for.

  11. One year I made my MIL a grandchildren signature quilt. We mailed pigma pens and fabric squares all over the country and Canada to get the signatures. It turned out great and it was fun to do. Thanks for the chance to win a great kit.

  12. The most special quilt I ever made & gave away was the one I made for my father & mother. Several years after giving them the quilt my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We took care of dad at home for 15 years . . . he held on to the quilt to the end . . . which made me feel like a part of him still remembered I gave it to him to reflect my love & respect for him & mom! How I miss him!