Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello friends, My Red Door update........

It's hard to believe we're just about to bid farewell to February
and hello to March!  First of all we want to report what a fun and 
successful Road to California Show we had.  We packed our
little booth full and you emptied it, and that is the point of
the whole show, isn't it?  Thank you so much to our loyal and new
customers, we enjoyed seeing old friends and making new.

We've been busy along with our fabric elves who make so many 
quilts and fun wool projects possible.  As of this moment we have 
more than fifteen new quilts that will be available at our 
upcoming events.  Yes, more than 15!  We were thrilled to be
invited to the Denver National Quilt Festival VIII.  ROAD TRIP!
We'll be at the Denver National Quilt Festival May 2 - 5.  
Our husbands are looking forward to our little caravan to 
uncharted territory, they promise to scout fun sights and restaurants 
for us to enjoy in the evenings after the show.  
Being a online business traveling to
a new state will give us the opportunity to hopefully meet 
some of our customers from that local area.

We'll return home and unpack for our Warehouse Sale on May 18.
That was a crazy, fun, and busy sale last year and we're 
looking forward to more of the same this year.  It is a "Sale" so
there will be plenty of discounted kits and yardage.

May also brings us the long awaited  Block of the Month for those
of you who signed up, unless it arrives in April, 
then it will be shipped early!

We hope you are having as much fun with the kits, 
patterns and treasures from 
My Red Door Designs as we are having creating them!

Many thanks for your support and patronage,
Donna and Linda
.....and our trusty and talented fabric elves

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