Sunday, July 29, 2012

News from The Calico Horse

Hello friends!
It was so good to see so many friendly and familiar faces at the show in Long Beach! We are exhausted but happy to report the show was a success for us in our teenie tiny little booth, in the end we feel we were successful in fitting "ten pounds of sugar in a three pound bag" to use a fun old analogy.

After several questions and comments we want to clarify our business. We are Donna (owner of The Calico Horse) and Linda (worked at The Calico Horse and did all of the shop's printing). We ventured into My Red Door Designs together to be able to continue to create and sell patterns on-line when Donna made the decision to put The Calico Horse up for sale. The Calico Horse did not sell, it was our hope to let go of that name and do business exclusively as My Red Door Designs, our new business together. We decided to do a few shows a year and in order to do so it was necessary to continue to do business as The Calico Horse. This seems to have caused some confusion.

There is a new quilt shop with a new owner in the former Calico Horse location, it is The Painted Lady Quilt Shop and we are not affiliated with that. We were very happy to see a store-front quilt shop continue in such a nice location and wish the very best to The Painted Lady.

The Calico Horse and My Red Door Designs are essentially one in the same, offering patterns and kits on-line and at shows. We also offer patterns at wholesale to quilt shops. We do not have a store-front, we have a nice little warehouse space at the back of Linda's print shop which we hope to open up a few times a year to our faithful customers and have a few warehouse sales, we also have 2 bustling sewing studios in our homes and our business is operated on-line and at shows. It's the perfect arrangement for both of us as it is just the right amount of time creating with plenty of time to enjoy and care for our families. We're excited about our new venture and many fun projects and shows are in the works!
      Thank you for your patronage and support,
                                                    Donna and Linda

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