Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Summer and that means vacation!

A little time away to restore, 
relax and re-charge our batteries and creativity.  

We will be loading up our homes on wheels and heading 
for the beach in a few days.  
We've been working hard here at 
The Calico Horse/My Red Door Designs 
and appreciate your support! 
Any order received by June 13 will ship by the 14th.  
As of the 15th we're leaving our happy red door 
and heading for the sand and surf with the kiddos.  
You are welcome to place any orders but just know that 
there will be a slight delay in shipping while we're away.  
We'll return on June 25 and begin processing orders as soon as we 
arrive and shake the sand out of our sandals.  
Vacation means fun so here is a little fun for our happy 
shoppers and blog visitors.  
We just shared how we like to spend part of our summer, 
now it's your turn.  How do you like to enjoy summer? 
Leave us a comment and you'll be entered to win a little 
bag of wonderful wool scraps and threads. 
We'll choose a winner when we return.  
Happy Summer!


  1. I fill in at work for all the summer vacationers which works nicely for me as I prefer to relax and re-charge in cooler weather.

  2. I also will be vacationing at the beach. We will be quilting and listening to ocean waves. Could not get any better....

  3. I like to vacation with girlfriends and we make it a sewing retreat. It doesn't matter where we go. Just being together, sewing, and laughing is wonderful.

  4. For the past couple of years Hubby and I and my daughter's family (hubby & 5 kids) have rented a cottage on a beautiful lake. This year we've moved our summer to December and have rented a house in Orlando, FL. Guess what we'll be doing?

  5. Summer in the Pacific NW is the best time! We will be camping as close to the Pacific as we can, as often as we can. My gardening is just starting up, too, so time spent outdoors is precious---stitching in the evening!

  6. Have a wonderful vacation! We usually hang out at home during the summer, going for walks, and grilling out. :)

  7. ahhh Summer means gardening more, barBq-n' more,sewing for the holidays(as alwaysLOL)more, and just MORE takin' it easy!! Enjoy your "more" time!! ~debc~

  8. I love summer because I get to go to a weekly friendship group... It is a group we started because we missed each other. We all took a weekly class and did not meet during the summertime. We work on unfinished projects and share lunch. Friendship and quilting ...you can't beat that!!!

  9. Congratulations Winterqlts! She is the winner of our drawing; wool scraps and threads!
    email us your information so we can get your grab bag shipped to you!